The Old Carbonton Dam to Camelback Bridge


4-6 hours

12.5 miles

From the site of the old Carbonton dam to Camelback Bridge, this is a beautiful section of the river including lots of flat, open water, rocky river banks, and a little sandy island perfect for exploring.


Prices are per kayak and include kayak, life jackets, paddle and shuttle service

What to wear

Layered clothing is always a great start! During warmer months when the weather and water are warm, you can plan on wearing a swimming suit, shorts or something you can plan on getting wet. Wearing closed-toe shoes is strongly recommended. No flip-flops! Water shoes, sandals, or sneakers you don't mind getting wet and muddy all work great. Head gear is recommended to provide protection from the sun, regular baseball hats usually do just fine. Definitely bring sunscreen!! You can also wear long sleeve clothing, but this is a rare choice.

What to bring

Bring plenty of water! Plan on taking one 12 oz bottle of water per person per river hour. Absolutely no glass containers! Nalgene bottles or regular plastic bottled water is your best option. Nutritious snacks are a must, especially for longer trips. Don't miss a unique opportunity to eat lunch on the river banks! Bring along your cooler with food and refreshment, mid to larger sized coolers fit very nicely in our cooler tubes. Smaller cooler can be taken on kayaks.

Where to go

Deep River Park and Camelback Bridge

Take Cumnock Rd. exit 153 from Business Hwy 421 South and go north for about 2.5 miles until you come to the first stop sign. Take a left on R Jordan Rd. and again immediate left to the park's parking lot.

Additional Info

  • River is an uncontrolled wilderness environment! You are exposed to all nature's elements (sun, rain, wind, etc). It can be rocky, muddy, deep, full of wildlife with other unpredictable factors that can harm you!
  • Reservations are required! We do not accept cash, we might not be at the river, and/or we might not have the equipment you'd like to use unless you make a reservation!
  • Access points to the river are primitive! They might be muddy, slippery, rocky, etc. Please wear appropriate shoes!